Bracket Backer ™ Use and Specs

Federal Brace’s Bracket Backer ™ product designs are made to assist in applications where the supporting structure is covered with material that could crush or flex under the weight of the countertop being supported. The most common material included in this area would be wall board or sheetrock. Thin ply board or composites would also be considered weaker materials that could be damaged by the weight of a countertop support application.  

Note that the Bracket Backer ™ products should not be considered a supporting member of any application in which it is used. The backer’s only purpose is to be a strong backing for the down flange of the supporting countertop bracket. This will prevent the down flange from flexing into the soft wall covering material.

Material Specification of Bracket Backers ™

The Bracket Backer ™ products are made of a wood microfiber material commonly called high density fiberboard. It is more specifically known as a high density MDF product. The material used in Bracket Backer ™ provides credits in environmental ratings systems such as LEED, Green Globe and CARB. There is a high content of recycled material in the board products and is excellent for an environmentally green consideration.

Where to Use Bracket Backers ™

Our Bracket Backers ™ are useful in high weight capacity support applications such as granite and other stone countertop extensions or stand only bars. These products can also be used as a molding product to enhance the look of other support applications such as shelves and mantels.

Note: the Bracket Backer ™ should not be considered or used as the primary supporting member of any weight carrying application

How to Use Bracket Backers ™

Bracket Backers ™ come in varying dimensions to allow for use with different sized support brackets. The standard widths of the boards are 3”, 5” and 6”. The lengths of the boards vary from 10” to 24”. The Bracket Backers ™ are mill worked with a decorative edge at on three sides of the board including the 2 lengths and bottom width edge.

The top edge of the backers is a straight flat edge. When it is necessary to shorten the Bracket Backer ™ in an application, the board can be cut to size by removing the desired length from the flat edge. The remaining edges will remain with the decorative edging.

The Bracket Backer ™ should be fastened to the support structure of the application by use of finishing nails or screws. Make sure to level the Bracket Backers ™ uniformly across the application as the desired spans for the countertop support brackets (click here for information related to countertop bracket installation) The countertop supports will require holes to be drilled through the Bracket Backers™ to allow for fasteners to proceed through the board into the support structure. Make sure that holes are placed on the backer to allow for proper positioning of the countertop bracket as desired.

Note: the Bracket Backer ™ should not be considered or used as the primary supporting member of any weight carrying application.

Finishing the Bracket Backer™

Our Bracket Backers™ come with a standard white primer coat applied to the surface of the board. The backer can be finished by use of standard interior or exterior paint to the desired color.

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