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Apex Industrial Leg Set (2)

The Apex Industrial Leg Set is a great way to enter the industrial decor trend. Lighter weight material makes these legs easy to manage to create the table of your dreams. The set contains a stiffener bar (gusset) for each leg to create stability for your table. The legs are standard desk and table height of 28". Weld nuts on the bottom receive leveling feet and are included in your kit. Easy to install with your own table top to create a one of a kind piece of furniture. Made from hot rolled steel with a matte clear coat gives them a dark grey/black finish. 

Product Overview:

  • Sizes: 5”x24”x28”
  • Finish: Matte Clear Coat
  • Material Thickness: 7 Gauge
  • Holes: 2 - 0.375” Straight Holes for Gusset and 4 - 1" Slots for attaching table
  • Screws: Included in Set
  • Carry Capacity: 500 Pounds Per Leg
Installation Kit: Fasteners Included in System

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