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Atherton Industrial Leg Set (4)

The Atherton industrial leg set is made of ¼” steel material and finished with a clear powdercoat leaving all the fabrication marks visible while preventing any future corrosion.  The legs are an overall height of 29” perfect for desks or tables. This unique leg provides 4 structural corners with each side 6" in length. Each leg has two ledges.  One ledge is a foot surface for the leg and the second ledge is the resting plate for the desk top. Multiple mounting holes in the corner legs allow you to set the height of the desk or table where you wish. Each set comes with four legs and two shelves per leg (8). The Atherton industrial support leg is a great way to use reclaimed materials to create a one of a kind desk or table.

Product Overview:

  • Sizes: 29x6
  • Finishes: Clear Coat
  • Material Thickness: 1/4"
  • Holes: 48 - 1/4" Straight Holes
  • Fasteners Included
  • Carry Capacity: 500 Pounds per Leg

Watch Our Video On: Atherton Industrial Leg Installation
Recommended Fastener Kit:
Fasteners Included in System

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