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Commercial Lighting

Showcase your products using energy efficient LED lighting. The Eco-Lucent LED lighting system with color changing lights will increase the visual appeal of your products while saving you money by being energy efficient.  Set off the area around your reception area, or entryway and make a great first impression.  Easily installs with 3M VHB tape and connectors. The IR remote control makes it a snap to change colors or brighten and dim the lighting.  The frosted cover diffuses the light for an enhancing appeal. Each system will come with the color changing LED channel, IR remote control, cable extender, Y splitter, and 24 volt UL rated power source. 

Product Overview:

  • Sizes: 5", 9", 21"
  • Finish: Aluminum
  • Material Thickness: 3/8"
  • Screws: 3M VHB Tape
  • All components shown sold as a Single Unit

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Eco-Lucent LED Lighting System - Introduction & Specs
Eco-Lucent LED Lighting System - Connections and Syncing

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