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Designing with Floating Shelves | DIY

Designing With Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are having a moment. From ready-made shelves to DIY shelves, this trending design is being used in almost every room in the house. With all the various materials available as well, you can pretty much create a design that’s as modern or traditional as you want. Want to know how to incorporate floating shelves into your next project? Let’s take a look at a couple important factors.

Askew alignment

This is a great way to display art and bring intrigue to a larger wall area. Traditional designs have shelves positioned straight up and down like book shelves, but why be boring? Askew doesn't mean disorganized. Staggering your shelves' positions on the wall will give you a more eye-catching, original layout, as well as incorporating a unique color scheme and displays.

Floating Shelves installed

Line them up

Open kitchen shelving is pervasive in kitchen and bath design and decor. Adding floating shelves in a linear fashion on a kitchen wall is a great way to display collections of cookware or family heirlooms for all to see. In a spa-like master bath, it could be the perfect storage solution for towels and various toiletries. A floating shelf in a finish that contrasts with your cabinetry creates a dynamic look in spaces that may trend toward the clinical. Design a beautiful, high end space, flaunting organized storage with open shelving.

Floating Shelves installed aligned in a living room

Make it more traditional

Want an older, more rustic look? Bulky wood box shelves floating above the fireplace are a great way to utilize floating shelves. Depending on the type of wood you use, you can create a variety of aesthetics. In addition, media equipment can easily be stored on floating shelves to the side if your TV is mounted over the fireplace or on another wall in the living area.
 Thick reclaimed wood Floating Shelves installed

Space Saving

Laundry rooms and bathrooms may be smaller but require maximum storage and are a great place to incorporate floating shelves. Linear or askew layouts as described above are great options in both rooms for storing linens or laundry items. Keep the feel of the rest of the house in mind when creating your storage plan in these rooms. Use materials, finishes and colors to achieve your desired design, whether it be contemporary, traditional, or something entirely different.

Floating Shelves installed in bath rooms 

Most Important

When planning to display heavier loads on your floating shelves, be sure to use heavy duty mounting brackets and install them into wall studs for maximum security. Federal Brace has floating shelf kits that come with the heavy duty mounting bracket for just this purpose. You want your artwork and pottery to remain safe by using the most secure brackets on the market. Click here for available sizes and finishes in floating shelf kits.

Different Floating Shelves and Brackets


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