Will This Weld Hold?

When designing and manufacturing a Federal Brace support bracket, we strive to take into account all factors affecting the use and appearance of the bracket. Our goal is to ensure that our products strength and load-bearing capacities exceed your expectations. While working to create outstanding structural value, we also make sure that our finished supports meet the standard of elegance and quality that you have come to expect from the Federal Brace brand.Three examples of Federal Brace 1/2" bracket fillet weld.

On all two-piece gusseted brackets it is important to note that the gusset itself is bearing the compression load from the countertop and the weight placed upon it. Even if the gusset were not welded into place these brackets function to support the stated 500 pounds carrying capacity. We design the brackets with a ½ inch fillet weld at the joint between support flange and gusset to provide added strength.

Note that there may be a very slight visible interstice at the joint of the gusset and flanges. This slight space does not compromise the structure of the bracket or have any significant impact to the functional support provided by the bracket. However, from an appearance standpoint more welding in this area would mean more heat applied to the metal and more heat will result in greater discoloration on the visible parts of the brackets. We work in our manufacturing process to limit any unnecessary impact on the material so that your finished support bracket has the best possible appearance.

According to the American Welding Society (AWS) "Standards", - www.aws.org - a ½ inch fillet weld can withstand an ultimate load of 1,200 pounds. This fillet weld is calculated to resist at least a 600 pound shear force across the weld. Federal Brace uses this ½ inch fillet so that the bracket is built as strong as possible while limiting any discoloring or compromising of our brackets aesthetic value. At Federal Brace we strive to always deliver beautifully crafted confident supports.

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