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What Makes Our Products Better

What Makes Our Products Better?

Federal Brace is proud to present quality, made in the USA products for use in your home, commercial remodel, or new build. Unfortunately, not all suppliers care as much about their product or customers as we do. Here at Federal Brace, we want to offer you the knowledge to make the most informed decision possible.

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Federal Brace vs. Cheap Knockoff

While the specs on the brackets shown below may seem similar, the craftsmanship and quality finishes are quite different. Structurally, they both will do the job, but if attention to detail is important to you, here are a few questions to ask yourself as you make your decision on what to buy.

  1. Is saving $10 to $15 really worth sacrificing uncompromised craftsmanship and unmatched quality?
  2. Do you desire a sloppy zinc paint finish instead of a professional brushed stainless steel finish for your bracket?
  3. Do you want to purchase from a supplier that copies designs rather than creating their own?

Federal Brace Brushed Stainless (Left Photo)

Federal Brace brackets have no visible weld marks.

Things are not as they appear - Let the buyer beware!


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