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Customer Testimonials

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Newstips Review: Federal Brace 3Support System mount

If, like us, you’ve had it with shelf support brackets that are too flimsy or don’t allow enough mount points or come across too short or make it really hard to run wiring where you want it to go, take a look at the 3Support System workstation bracket product from Federal Brace. 2 black 11-gauge steel brackets offer 4 holes on the 10”-long part that mounts to the wall, an 18” perpendicular support & a load rating of 500 pounds each; there’s also a broad L-shaped universal computer mount made of the same steel that can keep really heavy system units up off the floor. The italic-V-fold of the shelf braces afford easy runs for cables while cleverly tucking front struts toward the back. Bottom line: The seriously strong full-metal brackets of the Federal Brace 3Support System workstation mount kit can keep half a ton of workstation elements supported up the wall while providing so much space underneath you may forget its supports are there at all.

Hi Cathy,

Your braces look great and are well-made too. We received many compliments on the appearance, including a couple of kitchen remodeling contractors. I have shared your website address with three neighbors with similar counter top issues. We were a one-time purchaser however – just needed those braces to structurally upgrade a less-than-ideal kitchen retrofit.


“I really love the products Federal Brace offers, and I will be incorporating many more of them into future designs. Ordering online or over the phone is very easy, and your customer service and quick shipping have been excellent! I would definitely recommend Federal Brace to everyone!”

Neil M (Boca Raton, FL)

I can honestly tell you I am a thoroughly satisfied customer. We are remodeling our kitchen and needed braces to support a new granite counter-top. After a not-insignificant search on the internet for both wooden and metal supports and consultation with our contractor, we opted for the Brunswick Countertop Brackets. One of the key criteria in our selection was not only stability but style and unobtrusiveness. We succeeded on all three counts beyond my expectations. The braces virtually disappeared after mounting but when you can see them, they are stylish and match our cabinetry perfectly.

Frank P

Thank you for the compliment. It did turn out as I wanted I am also happy that I was able to find this company and the type of rods that permitted me to have such long floating shelves.

Sherry S (San Fransisco, CA)

The braces I purchased for a customer's floating granite installation were perfect! The granite overhangs the 1/2 wall a full 24". The look I was able to provide using your braces is exactly what the customer wanted.

Cindy C

When business partners like Federal Brace offer you cutting edge solutions it provides a wonderful stimulus to create outside the box design. Thank you, FB.

Thomas K 

Everything about the order was just great. The process was easy, The choice of products on your website had good descriptions and we pick out just what we wanted. During the ordering, there were minimal fields to fill in and the process only took about 5 minutes. The braces came 3 days before the estimated delivery date and they were in perfect condition. The only thing we had to do was paint them (we wanted black and that was not an available option. With just a few coats of spray paint, they were ready to be installed and worked fantastically. We are so pleased with you braces, we will definitely order things from you again.

Robert B

Your service was terrific, and the braces are a thing of beauty. The braces were very easy to install. Our granite installer was very impressed with the quality of the braces....Most importantly, our new counter top is now in place, safely and securely with braces that are all but invisible. Perfect!

Beth (Amesbury, MA)

Thank you for your email. Just want to let you know how great the braces look! So glad we went this unconventional route. We get so many compliments on them (even from our countertop installers)!

Lyndsey (Crofton, MD)

The braces I ordered from Federal Brace look great. I am very happy with them.

Mark (Wesley Chapel, FL)

After extensive research, your braces were what I wanted. I definitely overbuilt my counter top but any other braces that I found in my search were not sufficient, not well designed and came in painted colors only. Your braces are a very good product.

Gary, (Maldin, MA)

First off, the brackets I received were very high quality and looked great. They are a perfect addition to my project.

Keith, (Rocklin, CA)

Our bathroom project is complete; we are so glad we found your company on the Internet.  The braces are perfect—just looked at them yesterday and thought about how perfect they are for our granite shower bench. Thanks for an excellent product.

Judy, (Clear Lake, IA)

I am very happy with the braces we purchased. We remodeled our kitchen and used the braces for supporting the overhang on our counter top. The braces we purchased are very sturdy and of high quality. We got them powder coated in black and they look great. They are perfect.  I recommended your company to my husband’s place of work.  Thanks again for a great product.

Erin, (Wernersville, PA)

I still love your products and will order from you again. Business has been very slow and I am hopeful that the home renovation and building market will improve. Thanks for staying in touch.

Richard, (Evergreen, CO)

We love the braces and the customer service was amazing! I needed the braces the next day and your customer service rep emailed me and personally made sure they were shipped out overnight that day. Thank you!

Whitney, (New York, NY)

After remodeling my mom's kitchen our contractor told us we needed to buy some supports. Just like anyone else I figured I could go down to my local hardware store and pick up a pair. I have to say the selection at the hardware store didn't seem too pleasing. While some of the designs were cool, they all seemed very flimsy and skinny, something more fitting for a shelf. After paying nearly a thousand dollars for her granite counter I didn't want to chance it and came to amazon for a search.

There are a lot of different brackets but many seemed to look like the kind I had at the hardware store...or they didn't have any design at all. Immediately this Support Bracket jumped out at me. It looks very nice and from reading the description I saw how thick it was so it wasn't any surprise when we got them and found out how heavy-duty these were. Your contractor was impressed as well and I showed him where I got it.
The only complaint is that the picture makes it appear as if the bracket is a stainless steel finish like many of her appliances and refrigerator, but this particular bracket is steel so we needed to paint it so that it wouldn't rust over time. It turns out they do have stainless steel versions but it looks great painted black and still matches to the kitchen so no big deal, just make sure you check when buying if you need the stainless steel version. I was going to give it 4 stars because of that but realized it was my fault. Anyway, great product and I see they have a list of other styles so if I buy a house one day (apartment for now) I'll make sure to check them out for my own counter tops.

Brandon J. (Amazon)


3rd time I have used the Harmony. They are strong. Great for granite counter tops.

Rusty E. (Amazon)

Fast Shipping and VERY impressed with the Lexington Corbels. They are going to hold up A LOT of weight and I couldn't be happier. Thank you!

Catfive (Amazon)

Excellent quality, solid. Easy to paint and easy to install. (Traditional Wood Bar Bracket with Light Duty Mounting System)

Stacy W. (Amazon)

Exceptional products, great customer support, super fast delivery and great videos. Love their products and team and if you can’t find what you need, call them!

Terry B.

I wanted to expand my laundry room granite counter top that was upgraded in 2006, knowing that there was no way to match the existing granite, but I was ok with that. Ventured off to the granite store and was shocked when they did not want to touch the project. They informed me that butting up new and old granite was something that they did not want to do as the seam would not land on the existing counter top, thus not enough support. Their suggestion was to rip out the existing and install the new piece of granite across the entire area (old and new) so the seams would land on the existing cabinet. They came back with an estimate of $1,800 to do that job, the price for the new extension that I wanted was $500 with backsplashes (59 inches long x 30 to 25 inches wide). I went out to the internet to research floating counter tops brackets and was so happy to find your site. I reviewed your videos and landed on the cleathook commercial bracket. We built a frame secured to the existing 2x4’s in the wall to help support the cleathook as seen on your video. We added a wood frame under the window to support the granite insert (not seen in pics), along the back wall and to the existing cabinet and then installed the cleathooks. Our problem was that we still wanted additional support in the butting up of the old to new granite as the seam would be “floating”. We added a 2x4 to the existing wood cabinet for support, went back to your website and ordered the Freedom Hidden counter bracket from you to install near the existing counter top. We have an ice maker next to the cabinet and the Freedom Hidden counter bracket was installed on the wall over the ice maker. We chose this bracket so that the ice maker had more room as the cleathook came out to far away from the wall, thus the ice maker would not fit.. We probably have more Federal Braces and support than we need, but we are extremely happy with the final project. Thank you for an exceptional product, great customer support, super fast delivery and great videos. We are extremely satisfied will purchasing all our bracket needs from your company in the future!

Terri (Amazon)


I was originally sent an incorrect size of the bracket. I informed the seller and had the correct size on its way in no time. The brackets themselves are great; they are sturdy and look great. (Brewer)

Nabber (Amazon)

Contemporary and Classy. I have three of the lighted ones underneath a granite bar - they look great supporting the overhang and give knee room, unlike other braces.

Jane B. (Amazon)


The Carrier brace is great! Streamlined so you don't see it and very sturdy to hold the butcher block into place… We are extremely happy!!!

Suzi (Amazon)


Great product. Our client was very pleased with it. The shipping was crazy fast - we received them within a business day of our order - which was great. We've always been really pleased working with Federal Brace. (Torii)



Great looking and exactly what I needed for a floating glass bar. Had professionally installed so can't speak to ease of install. There was a broken pane, it is glass we are dealing with. The replacement piece was making led quickly with no hesitation and personal/human responsiveness. (Lumin)



Worked well in our quartz stone kitchen counter top. Have not tried dancing on it yet, though! (Brunswick)



Great product. Looks great and very strong. (Brunswick)

Michael E. (Amazon)


Working well in our new kitchen. (Brunswick)

Tyler L.


The brackets are working fine and are aesthetically pleasing. (Brunswick)

Karl S.


Beautiful product. Heavy duty, very well made and finished. Arrived well packaged and great customer service. Very happy with these. (Brunswick)

MRM (Amazon)



Phylene (Amazon)


This brushed stainless steel support brace is very strong and looks sleek & modern. We installed it in our shower to add support for a stub wall. (Brunswick)

Steve1 (Amazon)


No complaints, high-quality product for a great price. (Freedom)

NinjaMachete (Amazon)


Wow, very heavy gauge shelves, great for the kitchen. Will last forever. Will update pictures after contractors install them, can't wait to use them! Thanks for the free and fast shipping!!

Now mom 2012 (Amazon)


The product is of very high quality. (Freedom Corner)



These are beautiful and much better than expected. They are well worth the money! We are using them to support our 18” overhang of countertop, and it works great! This company is wonderful: staying in contact and wanting to know if there are any issues (we had none, and the product arrived several days before expected). (Brunswick)

Kelly M. (Amazon)


I used them and they are pretty good. (Chevron)

Alfie S.


What is wrong with you guys?? . . . . . . . . NOTHING!!!!!! A perfect example of a perfect seller. Got them SUPER FAST and they look great. Not cheap and they shouldn't be. (Brunswick)

David F. (Amazon)


Great product. Worked with Federal Brace to put some custom holes in the top brace arm. They work great and look amazing!! (Brunswick)

Brandon (Amazon)


Very sturdy - high-quality product. (Freedom)

KS1823 (Amazon)


Excellent heavy duty brace. Our quartz countertop installers were very impressed with the quality. (Cafe)

DSE (Amazon)


Brackets came in the time frame that I was quoted, very impressed with style, finish, mounting, and strength. The installation crew for the granite all commented on them, and I gave the information of where I purchased them to the crew leader. (Oxford)

Gary D. (Amazon)


Wonderful invisible braces. Thank you! (Liberty)

Workday Flat (Amazon)


I installed the braces about a month ago to support my half wall countertop. As you can see, things came out just terrific and the installation was simple, easy and quick. Now on to paint. (Liberty)

Steve M.


I LOVE this product!! I will recommend it and keep using it. (Liberty)

Diane L., Niles, IL


This is a raw steel product which is not communicated online. The image for "steel color" looks black but it arrived unfinished and burn marks visible. Be aware, you will need to paint the brace yourself. (Brunswick)

Rebecca (Amazon)


Corbels are beautiful. Have been installed and love them!!

Carolyn B.


Very good quality and beautiful design. (Brunswick)

RMC (Amazon)


Just installed your Torii countertop brace. Looks great! I finished it after this photo with a bead of silicone adhesive around the top. Nice product and fast shipping!

Mark B.


Product arrived on time and as described. It is a very nice looking bracket.

Adrienne S. (Amazon)


Very nice brace, brushed stainless steel finish, very well designed and will work well for my application. (Brunswick)

D. Brown (Amazon)


The brackets came much earlier than anticipated which was GREAT and they are already installed and look amazing!

Erin M. (Amazon)


Great quality.

S. Dugan (Amazon)



Brandon C. (Amazon)


If you are looking for an extremely heavy duty bracket, this is it. I ordered these to hang a 6"X 6" wooden fireplace mantel. Arrived on time and in great condition.

W.C. Loudermelt (Amazon)


The product was exactly what I was looking for. I will order again when needed. Thank you. My shipment came much early that was estimated which was great. Thanks again.

superman in video game (Amazon)



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