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Federal Brace vs. Standard Bracket | Expert Craftsmanship

Federal Brace vs. Standard Bracket

When compared with the standard off the shelf support brackets found at your local hardware store or large national boxstore the advantages of using Federal Brace countertop support brackets are obvious. Before even inspecting the details of the comparison brackets you will notice the difference in weight. It is substantial. You see, a Federal Brace countertop support bracket is made out of 1/4 inch steel material. The standard box store brackets are made out of material not even half as thick. Our brackets are also 2 inches wide compared to the thinner box store type supports.

You will also notice upon first inspection that the Federal Brace bracket comes in a brush stainless finish that matches nicely with common stainless kitchen appliance finishes. A raw steel option as well as various painted finishes are available for you to choose from.   

When you look a little closer at the two comparison brackets you will see that the craftsmanship is apparent on the finish of our brackets.  The box store brackets may have the evidence of the long trip that they took to get to that shelf - being loaded and offloaded cargo ships from foreign lands, while ours are made right here in the USA.

Go a little deeper and you will see that we have carefully designed our countertop support brackets so that there are no weldments on the face of the bracket. This step, called plug welding, further illustrates that the Federal Brace countertop support brackets are more than just brackets to hold up countertops. They are in fact a very strong support crafted to enhance the look of the countertop they are supporting.     

But don‘t only compare the brackets, check out the way you receive your countertop supports as well. Federal Brace brackets will come to your doorstep, individually hand packed in boxes designed to secure the parts in shipping. You can go pick out your box store parts from the bin container holding another 100 of them thrown in there. Make sure to take care when extracting them from the bin. They will likely be hung up on other brackets of their type like the old game “Barrel of Monkeys”.

The final comparison will come once the countertop support brackets are installed. You won‘t need an engineering degree to know that the Federal Brace support bracket is providing a more secure support of your countertop investment.     

Some may point out that a price comparison needs to be made as well. That’s fine with us. Our brackets are priced higher than the box store brackets - for the exact reasons listed above. As the old adage goes “ you get what you pay for. “ In this instance, you get a better looking, better made, stronger and safer support bracket for that investment that you did not skimp on - your countertops.




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