Copper Ledge Shelf



Copper has been around for years, but it is quickly gaining popularity-making the glowing metal the star of the moment. Coppers' beautiful rich tones are the perfect addition for  home decor

Our heavy-duty copper wall shelf is a cost-effective way to get the health benefits of copper and functional storage or decorating shelves for residential kitchen and commercial settings. Copper has natural antimicrobial properties, which make this copper wall shelf much more resistant to viruses and bacteria than other materials. 

 The Copper Ledge Wall Shelf by Federal Brace is made with 99.7% copper material in the alloy, has a brushed finish, and is uncoated for full health benefit. This copper wall shelf is 12" and comes complete with matching copper shelf brackets with 10" support arms, giving the shelving system an impressive 100 pound carrying capacity All fasteners come included with your copper wall shelf! 

Don't forget to polish the copper to maintain its new-penny shine. Does a more vintage, rustic look fit your home better? Allow the copper to take on a rich, verdigris patina over time. 

  • Sizes: 24" x 12" x 12"
  • Finishes: Brush Finish - Unsealed Copper
  • Material Thickness: N/A
  • Hole Sizes: N/A
  • Carrying Capacity: 100 Pounds Each
  • Fasteners Included
  • Sold as Individual Unit


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