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Foss Shower Bench Bracket

The Foss Shower Bench Bracket easily mounts to studs in your wall, prior to attaching backerboard and tile, and gives the appearance of the bracket floating out of the wall for an exquisite shower bench.  The Foss Shower Bench Bracket is designed to allow for a 1" gap between the seat and the wall to eliminate any standing water and prevent mold or soap scum from growing next to the wall. Each support will hold an amazing 500 pounds allowing you to feel safe when sitting in your beautiful shower. Stainless steel material is perfect for the wet humid conditions. The Foss Shower Bench Bracket will hold a 18" deep seat and when installed will be 20-21" in height.

Product Overview:
  • Size: 14”x18”x2”
  • Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Material Thickness: 0.25"
  • Holes: 2 holes - 0.50"
  • Screws: Bolts and Bearing Plate are included
  • Carry Capacity: 500 pounds each

Watch Our Video On:  Foss Shower Bench Bracket Installation
Recommended Install Kit:  Included in Bracket Purchase

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