Granite Weight Calculator

Granite Weight Calculator
Length:  inches
Depth:  inches
Thickness*:  inches
Additional Weight**:  pounds
Total Weight:  pounds
*Standard countertop thicknesses are 0.75" and 1.25"
**Additional Weight is significant weight that you expect to be on the counter aside from the counter itself (i.e., appliances, body weight, etc.)
Ever wonder how much your granite countertop weighs? Use our Granite Countertop Weight Calculator to get an estimate. Knowing the weight of your granite countertop is cool and helps when determining what brackets to use to support your granite countertops.

The Granite Countertop Weight Calculator uses the average density of granite (0.095 lbs/in^3) and the dimensions of your granite countertop (provided by you) to determine the weight of your granite countertop. This Granite Countertop Weight Calculator is specifically developed for granite counters. Do not use with other solid surface counters or countertops made from other materials. Different types of granite have different weights. This calculator provides a weight estimate for a typical granite countertop and is not intended as a precise measurement of any specific granite countertop.