3 Tier Hanging Shelf System



The 3 Tier Hanging Shelf by Federal Brace is not only a durable storage solution but a subtle hint to farmhouse industrial shelving. With natural teak shelves and matte black brackets, the teak hanging shelf combines organic beauty with modern lines to compliment any home. Teak wood, prized for its weatherproof durability, has been favored by shipbuilders for centuries. In addition, its high concentration of natural oils and tight wood grain makes it suitable for use in humid environments, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Each individual shelf measures 32” long and 11.5” deep, allowing for plenty of space to display dishes, books, photos, plants, and more. Meanwhile, the brackets are 12” long and 29” high. This stylish open design is excellent for both contemporary and classic decor. The shelf is versatile in the fact that you can hang it from the ceiling, but can also double as a standing shelf. It has a carrying capacity of 200lbs per pair of brackets hanging and 350lbs standing. To achieve the maximum carrying capacity when hanging, be sure to install your shelves properly. Setup is simple, with all brackets, fasteners, and silicone included. Detailed instructions and videos make hanging quick and easy; no experience is required. 


                  Teak Shelf     |    Universal Shelf Bracket

Width:            11.5"                           2"

Length:           32"                           12"

Height:           0.75"                        29"

Weight:         6.75lbs                     14lbs

Hole Specs: 6 x 0.26" Holes and 8 x (0.375" Dia x 1"L Slot Holes)

Thickness: 0.25"

Weight Capacity: Hanging - 200 pounds per pair

                            Standing - 350 pounds per pair

Finish: Black

What's in the Box: 2 universal shelf bracket, 3 teak shelf inserts, (4) 3/8" x 2" hex lag screw - black, (6) 1/4" lag screws - black



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