Floating Vanity Mounting Systems in Bathrooms

Use of Floating Vanity Mounting Systems in Bathrooms

The bathroom has always been an area of the home where décor tends to be kept light and minimal. This is not to say that this area is treated with limited decorative input; significant decorating measures are taken to make sure the bathroom is properly suited to the homeowners’ or designers’ tastes. No expense is spared to provide luxury in bath and shower fixtures, vanities and counters, flooring and lighting. Every aspect is carefully selected to provide a calm and comforting space for both residents and guests.

Despite the desire for a spacious, yet cozy feel, many bathrooms do, unfortunately have limited space with which to work. Many designers, then, choose to focus on a floor plan that keeps the area clean, limits bulky or cumbersome objects, and allows for minimalistic accessories to be added. This keeps the spacious feel of a spa-bath while maximizing storage and aesthetic design.

Bright, open bathroom with floating vanity

Access this look are using large tile flooring, whether of natural stones or synthetic tiling, to promote a clean and sleek look. Limiting cabinetry and using decorative shelving rather than large storage areas to keep the walls clean of clutter. Additionally, using a floating vanity or minimal vanity surrounding the sink area will help to create an overall more modern, spa-like space. Using these simple interior design tricks will keep your bathroom, whether a home master bath or in a commercial setting, as clean, sleek, and as relaxing as can be.



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