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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Browse through our FAQ to see if your question has already been answered. If you still have questions about Federal Brace's products or services, contact us or send an email to


What is the difference between Steel and Stainless Steel?

The main differences between Steel and Stainless Steel are the corrosion resistance of stainless as compared to raw steel (or cold rolled steel). Stainless resists corrosion and does not require finish treatment to prevent rusting. Raw steel does require a finish such as painting, plating or galvanizing in order to inhibit rusting.

There is little to no difference in carrying capacity between the two metals. Our stainless steel parts are finished with a brushed appearance. Raw cold rolled steel parts are cleaned and ready for application of paint.

How does the thickness of a Federal Brace bracket compare to competitors found in hardware stores?

The common thickness used in metal brackets found in stores is around 11 gauge (.125 inches). While this thickness may be sufficient for most shelf applications, we would not suggest supporting your granite with it. Federal Brace countertop brackets are designed in ¼” (.25 inches) thick material. Our brackets and corbels are twice as thick as other brackets in the market and it shows in the way they support!

When can I use the Freedom Style brackets to support my counters?

Our Freedom Style countertop brackets are an excellent solution for creating the “unsupported” or hidden bracket look to your countertop application. These brackets are intended to be hidden by covering the down flange of the bracket behind the fascia covering the backside of your cabinet or knee wall. However, it is important to understand that since this bracket design does not include a gusset or stiffener between the supporting flanges it has a higher frequency of deflection (flexing) than a gusseted support. For this reason, Federal Brace suggest limiting use of this bracket to support overhangs for counters that are supported on cabinetry or on a half (knee or pony) wall and do not extend past 20”. While we can, and do, increase thickness of the larger sized Freedom Brackets, this may not entirely answer the specifics associated with every application. If weight and deflection is a concern in your application we suggest contacting a design engineer specifically about your application.

Can I return products?

Federal Brace does accept returns on stock parts. Non-stock or made to order parts are not accepted as returns. If a stock product is returned there will be a restocking fee of 25% deducted from the order, the remaining credit will be applied to the customer’s account or payment information.

Where are Federal Brace products made?

All Federal Brace support products are made in the USA. We use ISO 9001:2008 certification standards in production to insure that our products are the best quality available. Products will ship from either our Belmont, North Carolina or Sidney, Ohio locations.

Why are there no holes on the top piece of the brackets, how am I going to attach to countertop?

When installing all you will need is a adhesive to put on the top flange. The RTV Clear Sealant adhesive forms a tough seal and has a high temperature resistance, good for indoor and outdoors, with high impact strength. This is very important in the adhesive as many will become brittle and crack over time. Not this one. RTV silicones are biologically inert and therefore non corrosive, hence they can be safely used in food areas.

Will Federal Brace support brackets and corbels hold my countertop?

The quality and outstanding design of Federal Brace brackets are such that if a Federal Brace bracket cannot support your application it is likely there is not a bracket that can. Of course there are special application considerations that must be attended to in designing brackets and some aspects may require a special design feature. For these types of bracket requirements, Federal Brace’s parent company, Short Run Pro, has the capability to custom manufacture a bracket specific to your design needs.

Does Federal Brace provide finish options on support brackets?

We do offer electrostatic powder coat finishes in several standard colors on our brackets. To view information on our finishes please view the materials finish page here.

How does Electrostatic Powder Coat painting differ from spray on paint?

In the electrostatic powder coat painting process an electric charge is applied to the metal part and powder paint is sprayed on the part as it goes through the paint line. Due to the electric charge the powder paint seeks out the bare spots and moves into closest proximity to the surface of the part as possible. This give a more even coat and a longer lasting more durable finish than standard spray paints.

Can I paint my raw steel (CRS) supports?

Federal Brace ships our raw steel (cold rolled steel) parts cleaned and ready for primer and painting. You can finish the parts on location using any spray or brush paint that will adhere to metals. Most hardware, paint and large retail stores will carry paints suitable for painting metals.

Will I see weld marks on my metal supports purchased from Federal Brace?

Unlike other brackets sold for countertop and shelf support, Federal Brace stainless steel brackets are manufactured so that the weldments are not visible from the front of the bracket. This enhances the beauty of the corbels and brackets and provides that finished touch that sets Federal Brace brackets apart. Steel brackets that are raw will have visible weld burns. However, this is completely covered when painted.

What is the weight capacity of Federal Brace brackets?

Federal Brace can provide suggestions as to the general weight capacity of any bracket. However, due to the varying aspects and uses of countertop applications, we cannot guarantee that any bracket in our design will carry xxxx amount of weight. If your application requires a specific capacity load, Federal Brace suggest that you consult a design engineer onsite to review your selected bracket and its use in your application.

Can I review a drawing of a Federal Brace bracket before ordering?

A drawing is available in PDF format for your convenience upon request. Please call 877-353-8899 to request a drawing.

How can I pay for my orders?

We accept these credit cards: Visa, Master Card, and American Express. For larger orders and customers who would like to set up an account. Federal Brace will run a credit check from their information and standard terms on an account is 30 days.

How will my product ship?

Federal Brace can ship parts using FedEx Ground, overnight and freight services. We can also ship parts collect on a customer’s account if desired. You have the opportunity to select a preferred shipping method at time of order.

Are there quality standards for Federal Brace Products?

 All Federal Brace products are produced utilizing internal quality procedures that assure production of the quality products our customers demand.



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