Required Elements for Floating Bathroom Vanity

Required Elements for Floating Bathroom Vanity

Support Substructure - This is the most important aspect of the floating vanity. It will not be possible to provide the support necessary for a floating vanity without a significant structure providing the foundation. We recommend that any floating vanity application is mounted directly into a structural wall. The structural material, often wooden studs, used must provide sufficient “bite” for mounting fasteners in order to ensure full optimization of your mount system’s carry capacity.

Heavy Duty Mounting System - With an adequate support substructure the floating vanity should be tied into that structure by a vanity mounting system that extends a strong support out and under the floating vanity. Vanity mounting brackets made of heavy duty metal material provide the best solution for mounting systems. Take care to ensure that any mounting system is resistant to corrosion from the bathroom environment. Using a material that naturally resists corrosion, such as stainless steel, or a metal that is completely coated to be rust prohibitive can achieve this.

Properly Located Water Supply and Drainage - Any floating vanity will require a water supply and drain that is located in the bathroom to accommodate the vanity. Supply lines positioned too close to perpendicular walls or other obstructions in the bathroom may limit or prevent the use of a Floating Vanity. Additionally, ensuring that the tubing or piping is insulated to prevent rough or sharp edges is ideal for accessibility and ADA compliance.

Room to Mount - A Floating Vanity can be crafted to fit in almost any configuration or space.  However, if a bathroom does not provide adequate space for a properly supported floating vanity, we recommend considering other vanity solutions. When determining spacing it is important to consider the complete floating system including vanity, vanity shelf (if incorporated) and supporting system.

At Federal Brace, we have a selection of Vanity Support Systems particularly designed as solutions for mounting of floating vanities. To view Federal Brace’s Vanity Supports click the links below:



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