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Federal Brace has tried to make your ordering process easier by placing each installation kit on the page of the product with which it installs.
Countertop Installation Kits 

In the event you still have questions, we will answer them here:

Lag Screws

Lag screws are used in two of our installation kits.  Lag screws will have a pointed end and sharp threads to aid in “biting” into wood material where the brackets are being installed.  

Hex Head Lag Screw

Federal Brace’s standard installation kit comes with hex head lag screws.  Just as it’s name suggests, a hex head will have six sides that can be tightened with a wrench or socket.  It will sit on top of the bracket and be visible.  If you ordered bronze brackets, we also have a bronze touch up paint kit that can paint the hex head to match the bracket. Providing a seamless finish.

Countersunk Head Lag Screw

If the bracket you ordered has countersunk holes, you will use this kit.  While it is still a lag screw as described above, the head is designed so it will fit down into the countersunk hole and create a flush mount.  These screws have a socket cap head, which will require a hex key or allen wrench to install.

RTV Silicone

Several Federal Brace installation kits contain a silicone that is designed for high temperature applications. Standard silicone can also be used with your brackets and is available at local hardware stores.  Federal Brace provides this for your convenience.

Bolt Systems

Federal Brace has product that is installed on top of the counter or through the fascia and will require a bolt.  Bolts have a flat end and insert all the way through the material and fasten using a nut.  You will find lock nuts in our kits.  Lock nuts resist loosening under vibrations.  

Bolt Heads and Drives

You will find bolt system kits on Federal Brace website in varying lengths and head designs and drive.  Flat head bolts with the hex drive as mentioned above and requiring the hex key as well as a pan head (rounded head) with a phillips drive requiring a phillips screwdriver.

Bearing Plates

A bearing plate is a flat metal plate used in conjunction with a bolt system that will be installed on the underside of the counter.  The bearing plate is to help disperse the weight of the secondary countertop so all the weight is not pulling on one or two bolt heads.  The bearing plate will disperse the weight from each plate across the length of the countertop providing a more secure load.  

Additional Screw and Bolt Guide Information


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