Wall Shelves

Shelving systems have the versatile ability to combine home décor and storage. A wall shelf holds the ability to combine form and function. Wall mounted shelves can provide endless storage options for office supplies and open up many decorating opportunities even in smaller spaces.

Federal Braces Wall Shelves come in a variety of different styles designed to fit in every home. Don’t let empty wall space in your home or office go unused. Engineered for not only aesthetic but also function, choose from a range of carrying capacities that fit your shelving needs. With various options available, create a design for your walls with styles from modern to rustic to traditional. Shelves are the perfect way to create space through organization and elevate a room, whether it's your kitchen, bath, living room, or office. No matter your style or storage needs, Federal Brace offers many shelving options such as: Floating Shelves, Shelf Brackets, Floating Shelf Brackets, and full shelf systems like our 3 Tier Hanging Shelf System.


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