Countertop Supports

Countertop Supports

Federal Brace countertop support brackets are the ultimate combination of designer style and industry-leading countertop overhang support. With our American-made countertop brackets, you’ll have peace of mind that your expensive countertop is properly supported. All of our countertop support brackets are designed and tested by our in-house engineering team and manufactured to ISO-certified quality standards. Read more...

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Federal Brace is proud to present quality, American-made countertop support products for use in your home, business, or new build. Unfortunately, not all suppliers care as much about their products or customers as we do. Here at Federal Brace, we want to offer you the knowledge to make the most informed decision possible.

Federal Brace vs. Cheap Knockoff

While the specs on the brackets shown below may seem similar, the craftsmanship and quality finishes are quite different. Structurally, they both will do the job, but if attention to detail is important to you, here are a few key considerations as you make your decision on what to buy:

Sturdiness - When unboxing a Federal Brace bracket will immediately notice the difference in weight vs. standard supports - it is substantial. Our countertop support bracket is made out of 1/4 inch steel material. Our brackets are also 2 inches wide compared to the thinner box store type supports.

Finish Quality - The Federal Brace bracket comes in a brush stainless finish that matches nicely with common stainless kitchen appliance finishes. A raw steel option as well as various painted finishes are available for you to choose from. When you look a little closer at the two comparison brackets you will see that the craftsmanship is apparent on the finish of our decorative countertop support brackets.

Federal Brace Brushed Stainless (Left Photo)

Plug Welding - There are no weldments on the face of the bracket. This step, called plug welding, further illustrates that the Federal Brace countertop support brackets are more than just brackets to hold up countertops. They are crafted to provide strong support and enhance the look of the countertop they are supporting.

Federal Brace brackets have no visible weld marks.

Shipping & Handling - Federal Brace brackets will come to your doorstep, individually hand-packed in boxes designed to secure the parts in shipping. Standard brackets at the big-box store are typically stored in a large crate containing dozens or hundreds of other brackets. The box store brackets may have the evidence of the long trip they took to get to that shelf or bin, being loaded and offloaded cargo ships from foreign countries; ours, however, are made right here in the USA.

Ease of Installation - You won‘t need an engineering degree to know that the Federal Brace support bracket is providing more secure support for your countertop investment.

Value - Our brackets are priced higher than the box store brackets - for all of the reasons listed above. As the old adage goes, “ you get what you pay for. “ In this instance, you get a more aestheically-pleasing, higher quality, stronger, and safer support bracket.

Don’t rely on an under-engineered bracket for your countertop overhang support needs. Shop Federal Brace counter brackets now!

Federal Brace’s decorative countertop support brackets come in several finish options to meet customer needs. Use the guide below to help determine which finish fits your particular needs best:

Raw Steel FinishRaw Steel is one of the most common finishes used in Federal Brace’s products. It has a dull, dark gray finish, and will have visible weld marks which gives the bracket an industrial look. Raw steel can be painted or powder-coated to match the decor. Markings will be completely covered when painted. Painting by the customer or powder coating by Federal Brace gives raw steel a protective covering, however, if an area of this coating or paint is scratched off that spot will rust when exposed to the elements. It is not a suggested material for outdoor applications, or indoor pool/spa areas because it is more likely to rust.

Stainless Steel FinishStainless Steel is a premium material with a brushed finish. All Federal Brace stainless steel products come in a brushed #4 finish, which is compatible with the majority of stainless steel appliances. It is weather and rust-resistant, meaning it will not corrode as quickly as raw steel due to water exposure, leading to its inclusion in many outdoor kitchens or seating area applications. All of our brackets and legs are available in stainless steel, whether as a stock order or a custom project.

Black Powder CoatingElectrostatic Powder Coating is the technique of applying dry paint to a part. This is normally done by a spray gun and an electrostatic charge applied to the part. The part is then placed in an oven and the powder particles melt and coalesce to adhere to the part as a film. Because of the electrostatic charge of the paint, there is a very effective coverage of the part, including cracks and bends. Powder coats are tough, abrasion-resistant finishes, but not recommended in an outdoor setting. Federal Brace has its own powder paint capabilities and offers a variety of shades from black, white, grey, metallic silver, and many other custom colors.

Copper FinishCopper is a selective material available as a sleeve on our Providence Novelle Reinforced Corbel. Copper tends to be less durable than steel, with lower weight capacity and a higher degree of abrasion. We offer a raw copper material as a fastener cover used in reinforced products, which have a sturdy steel bracket backing for ample support. The raw copper is not coated and will patina over time. It should be cleaned of fingerprints once installed so patina will be even over the bracket.

Federal Brace applies its many years of expertise and knowledge in the design and manufacturing of our countertop supports. We have selected the best materials and manufacturing processes to ensure that a finished Federal Brace counter bracket is suitable to hold up your beautiful countertop.

Federal Brace countertop brackets are designed for heavy loads. In all instances, our countertop braces are designed with max support in mind in order to provide you with a durable bracket. Although our brackets are the heaviest in the industry, our talented designers have integrated aesthetics that will enhance even the finest kitchen, bathroom, or commercial space.

Federal Brace Brunswick SupportFederal Brace Foremont Support Federal Brace Alpine SupportFederal Brace Corbel ConverterFederal Brace Maiden Support

The following standards are used in designing and manufacturing all Federal Brace countertop brackets:

**Note: specifics and/or application requirements may vary among some brackets within the Federal Brace inventory. For design characteristics of each individual support, refer to the individual product page for that item.

Quality Certification: All parts are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standards
Country of Production:                  United States of America
Material Used: 304 Stainless Steel
  1008 Cold Rolled Steel (Raw)
Material Thickness: ¼" – Generally 2x thicker than brackets found in hardware retailers
Holes Specification: Straight Holes to accommodate ¼” screws or bolts
Bracket Width: 2” flange width
  All corners radius (curved) to avoid sharp points

Countertop Support Material:

All recommendations here assume a material of A36 steel. If a weaker material is used, it is recommended that concessions be made in terms of size or number of supports to account for the weaker material.

brunswick bracketCountertop Support Thickness:

All weight-bearing countertop support brackets are recommended to be made to a minimum thickness of 7 gauge (.1793") in the gusseted configuration and 1/4" thickness in the nongusseted configuration.

Countertop Support Width:

Countertop brackets actively supporting a countertop application may vary significantly in design and specifications. However, it is recommended that the supporting flange directly under the countertop surface be no less than 1.5" in width.

Countertop Support Flange Length:

It is recommended that the countertop support bracket selected for a particular application have a top flange length (flange directly under the countertop surface) that extends to within 4" of the end of the counter.

It is also recommended that the top flange not extend past twice the length of the down flange (flange extending down the support structure in a standard countertop bracket configuration. In instances where additional support is being added along the top flange length, such as an application using cabinet strap brackets, would be exceptions to this recommendation.

Countertop Support Holes:

Holes cut or drilled into the countertop support bracket may or may not be countersunk. Regardless of the treatment of holes, the diameter of the hole placed in a countertop support bracket should be determined in such a manner to provide for an adequate sized fastener to be able to be used for fixing the countertop support to the support structure. Holes in countertop brackets should not exceed 2/3 of the size of the flange width in which they are placed. Holes should not be drilled in a position on the flange as to interfere with the outer edge of the support bracket or cause significant weakness in the flange material to tear away from the fastener.

Distances between holes on down flanges of countertop brackets attached to the support structures should not exceed 12". A minimum of 2 holes is recommended in any supporting flange of a countertop bracket attached to the support structure. Holes may or may not be placed in the top flange based upon application.

**Note: While Federal Brace provides this information as a helpful guideline for recommendations of countertop support bracket design, it is not intended to be engineering documentation. When designing countertop support for a specific application, Federal Braces highly suggests consulting a design engineering professional.

When designing and manufacturing a Federal Brace support bracket, we strive to take into account all factors affecting the use and appearance of the bracket. Our goal is to ensure that our products’ strength and load-bearing capacities exceed your expectations. While working to create outstanding structural value, we also make sure that our finished supports meet the standard of elegance and quality that you have come to expect from the Federal Brace brand.

Example 1 of 3 of Federal Brace 1/2" bracket fillet weld. Example 2 of 3 of Federal Brace 1/2" bracket fillet weld. Example 3 of 3 of Federal Brace 1/2" bracket fillet weld.

On all two-piece gusseted brackets, it is important to note that the gusset itself is bearing the compression load from the countertop and the weight placed upon it. Even if the gusset were not welded into place these brackets function to support the stated 500 pounds carrying capacity. We design the brackets with a ½ inch fillet weld at the joint between the support flange and gusset to provide added strength.

Note that there may be a very slight visible interstice at the joint of the gusset and flanges. This slight space does not compromise the structure of the bracket or has any significant impact on the functional support provided by the bracket. However, from an appearance standpoint more welding in this area would mean more heat applied to the metal and more heat will result in greater discoloration on the visible parts of the brackets. We work in our manufacturing process to limit any unnecessary impact on the material so that your finished support bracket has the best possible appearance.

According to the American Welding Society (AWS)standards, a ½ inch fillet weld can withstand an ultimate load of 1,200 pounds. This fillet weld is calculated to resist at least a 600-pound shear force across the weld. Federal Brace uses this ½ inch fillet so that the bracket is built as strong as possible while limiting any discoloring or compromising of our brackets’ aesthetic value. At Federal Brace, we strive to always deliver beautifully crafted confident supports.

Customer Reviews

Beyond Pleased. I found out about this company & this support at the Kitchen & Bath Show (Las Vegas) in 2019. I was highly impressed & couldn't wait to get home to install this bracket. Excellent application!

- Clint J.

We are glad that we made this selection. I have no complaints and the granite installer was impressed with them as well. They arrive fast!

- Geranda A.

Architectural quality bracke. Beautiful quality, solid construction, very satisfying, and worth the money for an elegant support.

- Alex D.

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