Steel Cube Cabinets



Meet the Cube Cabinet System! This welded steel cube cabinet shelf system is a solid, customizable unit designed with modern class for multiple design and storage applications. The multiple options allow for a plethora of configurations to best fit your needs. The Cube is the perfect choice in metal cabinetry, wall mounted and floating shelving. The Cube Cabinet is designed to open and transform previously unused space, adding suspended surface areas when hung in residential kitchens, closets, and retail environments. You can hang it from the wall, ceiling or allow it to remain free-standing! The Cube has 1" wide frame arms when viewed from the front.

The cube allows you to optimize space and reclaim previously wasted, unused additional space with the transitional, unique shelving applications. The flexibility in application and thoughtful design can be used as a transitional piece or even a room divider. Minimalism, modernism and simplicity, this streamlined modular suspended shelving unit offers clean lines and no assembly, arriving ready to be installed.  

Model A (FB-08504): The standard version of the cube cabinet is typically used to close and top a cube modular system, typically on the top. It has a pre-fitted lip that allows a shelf insert to drop in and sit flush on the top of the cube. The standard unit is able to be used as a singular shelf or to add additional units horizontally.  

Model B (FB-08505): The stacked version of the cube cabinet is the most commonly used cube. This unit is perfect in hanging ceiling applications and to stack multiple cube units. This unit has an open top and allows flush stacking of additional cube units.

Federal Brace also offers Glass Shelf Inserts. Have questions about the CUBE Cabinet? Our customer service team is available at 704-755-8003 to chat about your cube installation project and answer any questions you may have.


Size - 17” W x 12” H x 12” D 

Weight Capacity - 200 lbs total per cube cabinet

Finish - Black

Material - 7 Gauge Steel

Mounting Configurations - Wall, Ceiling, Free-Standing

What's in the Box - 1 Steel Cube Cabinet, recommended fastener kit: FB-08521



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