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Do's and Don'ts | Countertop Support and Installation

Do's and Don'ts of Countertop Supports


Do's of Countertop Supports

  • Ensure your supporting structure is sufficient for holding your countertop and supporting brackets or corbels.
  • Use a countertop support that extends to within 4 inches of edge of your countertop.
  • Fasten your supports to the most substantial support available.
  • Consult with a design engineer or contractor for custom support applications.
  • Use adhesive and/or fasteners that securely hold your corbels or braces to the support structure.
  • Carefully plan out your countertop dimensions before beginning the process of obtaining materials and supports.
  • Enjoy many memories around a beautifully designed and supported countertop.

Don'ts of Countertop Supports

  • Risk damaging your countertops by leaving overhangs greater than 4 inches unsupported.
  • Wait to the last minute to purchase your countertop supports.
  • Risk damage to your countertops by using a bracket that is not strong enough to support them.
  • Neglect planning your countertop layout and support.
  • Fasten your countertop supports to weak supporting structure and expect them to hold up your counter.
  • Use wimpy fasteners to attach your support brackets.
  • Leave raw steel brackets unpainted as they will rust over time.
  • Use inadequate aluminum or thin gauge shelf brackets to support your countertops.


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