ADA Compliance

ADA Compliant Support Brackets

Federal Brace strives to provide brackets and supports for all applications. We provide supports that meet ADA requirements for desks, vanities, counters, and island overhangs. 

What is ADA Compliance?

The ADA Specifications ask for employers, governments, and other entities to provide reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities. This requires that buildings, such as a public school, private offices, stores, and other facilities be accessible for wheelchairs. This might require installing ramps, modifying restrooms and cubicle space, or providing adjustable desks for wheelchair users. 

For homes and other areas, non-slip floors or mats, grab bars, risers, ramps, and shower seats are frequently added as easy additions to make a home more accessible without structurally modifying existing areas. 

Sometimes, physical modifications and accommodations aren’t enough, so the following could be needed: 

  • A workplace or public area might need to change its policy in order to allow employees to bring service animals to work or to the establishment.

  • Sometimes, job restructuring is an option to distribute tasks that an employee with a disability can better perform.

To meet ADA Code, countertops , sinks and vanities can not be mounted higher than 34 inches from the floor and require a knee clearance of 27 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 11 to 25 inches deep. When mounted at the appropriate vanity  height, Federal Brace ADA Brackets provide strong, safe and compliant support that provides the required 27" knee clearance and is ADA compliant. Federal Brace countertop supports will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) when installed per the requirements of the Accessibility Guidelines, Section 606 Sinks, of the Act. 

ADA Compliant Bathrooms are typically seen in big box stores, schooling facilities, stadiums and any venue that the general public may frequently visit.

Having a strong support bracket that will give you peace of mind in the quality and safety of your project is important. That is where Federal Brace comes in. From commercial sinks and commercial vanities, to countertops to home sinks and counters, Federal Brace has the metal ADA brackets that you need. Our brackets are 100% made and designed in the USA with your safety and maximum support in mind. 

From commercial contractors needing to follow code and stay within guidelines to home improvement additions for better accessibility, our ADA Code Supports, such as the Braila, Universal, Atlas, or Olympus, are here to be your heavy duty ADA compliant vanity brackets. 

We currently have three ADA Vanity Support Brackets available in our product collection IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP and one multi-purpose compliant support that we have listed in our Island Legs category. 

Your ADA Compliant Bathroom Vanity is made easy with these USA Made Brackets:

Atlas ADA Floating Vanity Support

Our Atlas ADA Floating Vanity Support has a metal foot plate for fastening the ADA support into the structural substrate. This support is typically used in commercial projects and seen in large bathroom vanity applications. 

ADA Universal Floating Vanity Support

The ADA Universal Floating Vanity Bracket is used in both single-occupancy restrooms or multi-user restrooms. This bracket can be configured in a left OR right variation and features an interchangeable, detachable arm that allows for easy access for maintenance post installation. The bracket allows quick entry underneath the sink for plumbing access by allowing for the sink deck to attach to the bracket and be removed easily.  

Olympus ADA Residential Floating Vanity Bracket

Our Olympus ADA Residential Floating Vanity Bracket is targeted for use in residential applications as it can be installed into a simple base stud wall. What sets this product apart from other similar brackets is the tipping plate that installs between two studs to raise the carry capacity of this bracket to a robust 500 lbs for a single bracket.

ADA Compliance doesn't only apply to the bathroom, this multi-purpose ADA Code Bracket is a great answer for large desks, counters, and bars:

Braila ADA Countertop Support Bracket

Our Braila ADA Countertop Support Bracket can be used to support floating stone surfaces. It is used best to support desks, kitchen counters, and any other overhang. This bracket allows for supporting counter overhangs up to 36” and can be configured to a “hidden” bracket application through building a faux wall or can simply stand and serve as a leg for the counter, desk, or bar.

Have questions on specific ADA products or not sure which ADA Compliant Support Bracket is right for you? Federal Brace is here and ready to help serve all your support needs. Need a custom ADA bracket? Our Customer Success Team is here to help! We are open M-F, 8:30-5pm via phone at 704-755-8003 or email us at


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