LED Lighting With Countertop Supports

LED Lighting

Learn about LED Lighting and how we incorporated it into our countertop supportsLED lighting certainly seems to be the hottest new trend right now and is being incorporated into many products not previously thought of as a lighting product. LED lighting has many qualities that make this one of the better trends on the market. Benefits for consumers as well as the planet.

Two of the more common benefits of LED lighting are longevity and energy efficiency. LED lights can last up to 100 hours, that is 10-11 years of continuous use. If you left the light on for 8 hours per day, it would last for 20 years before it needed to be replaced. In a traditional light bulb about 20% of the energy efficiency is being used to create light, with the other 80% being lost as heat. The LED light bulb is just the opposite, using more like 80% of its energy to create the light and only 20% of its energy being lost to heat. This efficiency in long operational life helps achieve even greater efficiency when you think of it in larger terms such as use in large complexes.

LED’s have a lot less toxins than their fluorescent cousins, not to mention their durability to withstand the toughest conditions. Being shock resistant makes them excellent for outdoor use in high traffic areas and also able to withstand the elements. The LED is a directional light so it doesn’t need external reflectors and only uses low voltage making it easy to use in remote areas with solar energy.

Come So how Federal Brace has incorporated LED Lighting into our bracketsIn essence LED’s are small solid light bulbs that are extremely long lasting and energy efficient. They are so exciting that everyone wants to use them. In fact, they come in many different colors and are wonderful for creating ambient or relaxing lighting effects. When installed in support brackets they can be placed under a variety of areas to do just that. Imagine your island countertop that is positioned between the living and kitchen spaces being supported with brackets that have incorporated LED’s. When it is TV viewing time, the lights are down and the ambiance created through the brackets is breathtaking.

What about a restaurant or club counter at the bar. LED’s incorporated into the bar supports are a subtle way to provide ambient light for your patrons. These same brackets when positioned under cabinets or a shelf can provide just the right amount of light you need to complete your task and get back to the movie or bar scene.

These small light emitting diodes have opened up a whole new world for lighting. There are scientific studies showing these lights create well being, mood and significant health benefits, as well as the previously mentioned environmental benefits. Why not try them today?

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