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ADA Compliance | Bathroom and Vanity

ADA Guidelines Impacting Bathrooms and Vanity Mounts

The Americans with Disabilities Act  (ADA) outlines specific requirements related to accessibility in bathroom areas. Section 4.23 deals particularly with Bathrooms and Bathing Facilities and section 4.23.3 has specifications related to Clear Floor Space. The objective of the ADA specifications is to allow for standards on how space will be provided for people with disabilities.

ADA Section 4.23.3 states “An unobstructed turning space complying with 4.2.3 shall be provided with an accessible bathroom. Clear floor spaces at fixtures and controls, the accessible route, and the turning space may overlap.” Section 4.2.3 relates to space required for a wheelchair to make a 180 degree turn - specified at 60 inch diameter.

The Standards established by the ADA Sections referenced require that adequate spacing be provided within bathrooms for a wheelchair to turn. In order to meet these standards the bathroom designer and builder need to be considerate of how a bathroom is planned and constructed. Precautions are necessary to ensure proper spacing and that any possible renovations will not infringe on areas required for ADA compliance.

We have talked with a number of designers that are including vanity support mounts in their bath designs to help with meeting ADA compliance. Designers and contractors will incorporate vanity wall mounts even when using under cabinets in case removal of the cabinet is required in the future for ADA compliance. Also, floors are completely finished even where cabinets are planned so that compliance can be met.

When designing a bathroom, particularly for public use, make sure to review ADA requirements and use measures to best comply with the standards required. If we can help with your bathroom and vanity mounting needs please let us know. To view our Vanity Wall Mount Brackets you can find them in the Bathroom Supports category under the Products menu option.

Example of an ADA Compliant restroom



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