Getting Lit with LED Lighting Systems

Getting Lit with LED Lighting Systems

Getting Lit with LED Lighting Systems

The future is getting brighter as we continue to expand our lighting systems at Federal Brace. With different color options, light bar sizes, and configurations, you need look no further than our selection of lighting products below. All of our LED systems are UL Listed for your peace of mind.

Lighting SystemLED ColorSupport IncludedRecommended Kit
Eco-Lucent LED Lighting System
RGB Spectrum No No Kit Necessary
Eco-Lucent LED White Hardwire Light Bars White Only No Hardwire Kit
Anthem Eco-Lucent Corner Support RGB Spectrum Yes No Kit Necessary
Freedom Eco-Lucent Support RGB Spectrum Yes No Kit Necessary
Lumiere Lighted Support RGB Spectrum Yes No Kit Necessary
Lighted Shelf White Only Yes Hardwire Kit

The Eco-Lucent LED Lighting System includes everything you would need to get things "lit". There's a splitter adapter to allow for three light bars to be connected to a single system. The power cable included plugs right into a wall outlet; no electrical knowledge is required.

Eco-Lucent LED Lighting SystemEco-Lucent LED Lighting System

The Eco-Lucent LED Lighting System also comes with a remote to control the RGB value and pulsation of the LED Bar. For initial remote setup instructions & review of the controls, please refer to our video below:

RGB Lighting

The white-only light bars will need to be connected to a transformer which is possible with our Hardware Kits. Please consult a professional electrician for the installation and wiring of a transformer. 

Hardwire KitHardwire Kit

The hardwire kit allows you to daisy-chain multiple light bars to one system depending on the size of the bars used. This is the perfect solution to light up tiered shelves or a long section of cabinets or countertops on a single chain.

Light Bar Daisy-ChainingPlaceholder
White Lighting

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