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Using Brackets Outdoors

There is nothing like being in the great outdoors, particularly with a full kitchen including gorgeous countertops. It is a popular trend in new construction and renovations to include an outdoor entertainment area complete with kitchen, grill, and prep/serving areas. These outdoor kitchens often include outstanding granite and hard solid surface countertops and these countertops often require support for serving and seating areas built into the layout.

What should you use to support outdoor kitchen countertop overhang areas? With a specialty application such as outdoor kitchens we would like to make some suggestions to help in determining the right support for your outdoor countertops.

Consider Your Environment

Outdoor BracketsIf your outdoor kitchen plans include using metal support brackets you will always want to use either a finished steel or stainless steel support. Finishes can range from paint to plating to galvanizing. Please note that plating and galvanizing is often done in such a manner as to leave a very industrial looking kitchen countertop support. In outdoor kitchen areas where the finished kitchen will be mostly covered it is more economical to go with a painted steel countertop support. However, the brushed stainless support matches a grill really nice!

If your outdoor kitchen application is in a coastal region or in a region where temperature variance is high and extreme, we would recommend using a stainless steel countertop support bracket. This is particularly true if your outdoor kitchen countertop is directly exposed to the outdoor elements.

Consider What You Are Supporting

No matter what metal bracket you decide on it is important to note that in most instances outdoor kitchen plans include stone countertop surfaces due to their durability. Whenever installing stone use a countertop support bracket that will support a heavy load, such as our gusseted designer brackets.

Over time the weather and elements will affect the performance of any materials. Some materials breakdown faster than others. If you are planning an outdoor kitchen remember that purchasing a steel countertop support brackets will payoff because of the long lasting durability and resilience of steel.

Consider Federal Brace

Federal Brace offers the widest line of designer style countertop support brackets. We have revolutionized the countertop support industry with sleek, euro-style metal brackets that provide unmatched countertop support. If you are considering an outdoor kitchen addition on your new construction or renovation, contact Federal Brace and get just the right outdoor kitchen countertop bracket to enhance and support your investment. 



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