Hidden Countertop Supports

Achieving a floating countertop look is easier than ever before. Federal Brace hidden countertop support designs offer a variety of options to create a desired floating countertop look. With an average carrying capacity of 375 Lbs per bracket, the supports have weight bearing capabilities that are built to last. We offer hidden countertop bracket designs for several different applications: knee walls, islands, half walls, cabinet bases. The floating countertop support comes in an array of different sizes to support side and corner overhang. Looking for granite countertop support brackets? Our hidden countertop brackets are great for all of the common countertop materials, including Granite, Quartz, Concrete, Stainless Steel, and Engineered Stone. Not sure which hidden counter support is right for you? Call our customer service team at 704.755.8003 to chat about your counter installation project.


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