Eco-Lucent LED Light Bars



The perfect set up is not complete without the perfect lighting. Federal Brace's Eco-Lucent LED Light Bars are the perfect solution for easy-to-install lighting for desks, brackets, floatings shelves and more! Magnetic LED Lights are an easy addition to Federal Brace products given we use ferrous metals for our bracketry. Ferrous metals are magnetic, strong, and hard. In addition to using these lights for our brackets, we've also included in these light kits 2 small metal plates and 3M tape to allow for converting other surfaces to being magnet attachable. 

Features: Color Variety, Motion Sensor Mode, Rechargeable, Portable, Magnetic, High Quality Aluminum Body


Finishes: White, Black

Body Material: Aluminum

Dimensions: 11.93" x 1.57" x 0.7"

Weight: 1lb

Fasteners: 3M Adhesive Tape, Mounting Brackets, Magnetic Back

What's In The Box: 1 Eco-Lucent LED Light Bar, 1 Charging Cable, 1 Remote Control, 1 CR2025 Battery, 2 3M Adhesive Tape Strips, 2 Metal Plates For Converting Non-Magnetic Connection To Magnetic



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