Accent Floating Shelf Bracket



The Accent Floating Shelf Bracket is a uniquely designed visible shelf bracket and the perfect piece to add an elevated, modern look to your floating shelves. Maximize your wall space while adding a unique feature to your home that is both sturdy and stylish. The black powder finish of this support paired with sleek, round edges suits both a minimal and industrial home style. The Accent Floating Shelf Bracket comes equipped with ¾” diameter heavy-duty support rods that can carry up to 150 lbs. This bracket, like our standard Floating Shelf Brackets, features perfectly spaced slots that are pre-engineered for stud correlation. You should pair this bracket with a Raw or Live Edge shelf to create a luxurious addition to your favorite space. For the perfect installation, use 2 sets of hands or consult with a contractor.

Our core value, innovative thinking, was at the heart of the creation of the Accent Floating Shelf Bracket. We came together as a team wanting to develop a support product that could stand up to the Federal Brace standards of best-in-class weight capacity, while also delivering a finished style and design that hasn't been done before.


Size: 6” x 27.5” x 5”

Finishes: Black

Material Thickness: 0.25” steel bracket, ¾” rod

Holes: slotted for easy stud alignment

Carry Capacity: 150 lbs

Fasteners not included

2 person or professional installation



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