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Floating Shelf Support Rods

These floating shelf support rods can be used to create your own completely floating shelf. Federal Brace's floating shelf support rods come in two lengths for varying depths of floating shelves. Unfinished steel or powder coated black finishes are available. The 1/2" rod has a mounting plate that is 1.75" x 1.5" for installing into each stud. Rods should be fastened to a stud every 16" for the length of your shelf. Each rod will have a carrying capacity of 50 pounds. The shelf must not be more than 2" deeper than the end of the rod to avoid seeing deflection.

Product Overview:

  • Sizes:  6", 10"
  • Finishes:  Unfinished Steel, Black
  • Material: 1/2" Rod, 1/4" Plate
  • Holes: 2 - 1/4" Straight Holes in Opposing Corners
  • Screws Not Included
  • Carry Capacity: 50 Pounds Per Rod Installed in Stud
Recommended Fastener Kit: Standard Fastener System Sku 39972

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