Crowders Mantel Corbel



Design your dream fireplace with an elegant mantel. While you're planning out your new mantel look, you'll need to deploy strong support brackets to hold everything in place. With the Crowders Mantel Corbel, you can have a beautifully designed decorative corbel that also bears weight! Our mantel corbels are paired with a durable metal support bracket to provide style and support in one product. Simply install the metal bracket to the wall, fix the wood corbel to it, then install the mantel beam on top of your corbels! This installation method makes finishing a breeze - you can stain or paint your corbels pre or post-installation. The fireplace of your dreams is within your grasp! Whether you'll be using a solid wood beam, MDF box mantel, or stainless steel mantel, the Crowders Mantel Corbel by Federal Brace is the perfect support to pull the entire design together.

Our Mantel Corbel Brackets are designed to provide the strength that comes from 3/8” metal bracket. The carrying capacity of the Mantel Brackets is 750 lbs per pair. mantel bracket has three 1/4” countersunk holes on the back flange. one 1/4” countersunk holes on the top flange to fasten the wood corbel as shown in the image below and also two 1/4” Countersunk holes on bottom flange for the screws to fasten into the mantel.

  • Length: 4.75"

  • Width: 5.5"

  • Height: 6.75"

  • Weight: 7.95lbs

  • Finishes: Flat Black

  • Material Thickness: 0.375"

  • Holes:  6 - 0.26" Countersunk Holes

  • Carry Capacity: 375 Pounds

  • Fasteners Included

  • What's in the Box: 1 metal bracket, 1 wood corbel, (3) 1/4" x 2.5" flat phillips tapping screw stainless, (3) 1/4"-20 x 1" flat phillips wood screw- zinc


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