Harmony XL Countertop Support Bracket



When your floating island counter requires an extra heavy duty support, we have designed just the right bracket for your application. The Harmony XL by Federal Brace is built off of the popular Harmony Hidden Bracket design with the same versatility and invisible floating support.

The Harmony XL comes with substantially increased material thickness that boosts counter carrying capacities. The 3/8 inch steel used to manufacture the Harmony XL Hidden Countertop Bracket and a 3.5 inch wide support arm accounts for a carrying capacity of 425 Lbs. The Harmony XL is finished with a durable black powder coat paint and has a right and left configuration on the mounting flange to avoid interference with drawer slides. This bracket comes in a size of 24”x3.5”x.38”. Installation of this bracket can be positioned forward or pushed back across your base cabinet to match your overhang support need. The best part about the Harmony XL Countertop Support Bracket is the durability. The combination of material thickness and black powder coat finish allows for high carrying capacity. Even though this bracket is heavy duty, it still has a discrete appearance with optimal legroom.


Product Overview:

  • Sizes: 24" x 3.5" x 0.38"

  • Finishes: Black

  • Material Thickness: 0.375

  • Hole Sizes: 2 - 0.26" Slots

  • Carrying Capacity: 425 Pounds 

  • Fasteners Not Included

  • Sold as Individual Unit



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