Modern Metal Shelf Bracket



Finding unique pieces of home décor can be a challenge. Design a wall shelf that is expressly yours with our Modern Metal Shelf Brackets by Federal Brace! A sturdy and stylish wall shelf starts with choosing the perfect bracket. The Modern Metal Shelf Bracket has sleek, rounded edges, and a minimal design. Paired with a solid wood plank, MDF, glass shelf, you can create a unique wall shelf that ties your space together.These sleek, minimal shelf brackets pair beautifully with several different shelving types. Plus, they're designed with maximum carrying capacity in mind - something you won't find in the cheaper brackets available at your local hardware store. Each bracket comes with pre-drilled holes to allow for easy installation. While we always recommend mounting them into your wall studs, opening up the drywall is not necessary with this type of wall shelf bracket.



Material Thickness:


Bracket Specifications:

Length: 2.7”

Height: 3”

Width: 8”

Hole Specifications:

6 - 0.26” Holes per Bracket

Carry Capacity:

450 lbs Each

What's in the Box: 1 Maple Live Edge Shelf, 2 modern metal shelf bracket, (12) 1/4" x 1.5" hex lag screw - black oxide



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