Versa Hidden Support Bracket



The Versa Hidden Support Bracket by Federal Brace is an L shaped bracket that is designed as a commercial counter support. The Versa provides solid support and long lasting service in your home, office, hotel, hospital, school or other commercial facility.The Versa Bracket is the most versatile commercial counter support. This bracket have two different mounting options through holes aligned down the back of the bracket and holes located on the side.  Utilize this bracket for retrofit over pre-existing fascia by mounting through the down flange into the front of studs. For a nearly invisible installation, on open stud wall applications mount the Versa Bracket to the side of your studs and install fascia so that only the support is exposed under your work counter.. It comes in a size of 12x2x12 and 18x2x18 with a black powder coat finish. The best part about the Versa Bracket is its high carrying capacity. When installed per our installation guidelines, it has a high carrying capacity of 500 Lbs to support surfaces in high traffic areas. The high weight bearing capabilities mean no worrying about people leaning, sitting, or putting heavy items on the surface area. Need something else to finish your project? Our Versa Floating Vanity Bracket could be the right choice!

  • Sizes: 12"x12"x2", 18"x18"x2"
  • Finishes: Black
  • Material Thickness: 7 Gauge
  • Holes: 12 - 0.26" Straight Holes
  • Carry Capacity: 500 Pounds Each
  • Fasteners Not Included


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