Carrier Granite Countertop Bracket



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The Carrier Granite Countertop Bracket is designed for use on a half wall similar to a flat plate but with the addition of the gusset that provides a carry capacity of 500 pounds each. When installed the Carrier will be hidden and the counter will appear floating. The Carrier Hidden Bracket by Federal Brace is perfect for carrying the granite, quartz or other heavy solid surface materials used on a breakfast bar for an eat in kitchen or reception counter in a commercial building.Our Carrier Support Brackets are designed to allow the maximum amount of leg room possible under a countertop extension or serving bar while allowing for gusseted support strength. The bracket is designed with a very small down flange and a shallow gusset. The material thickness of the Carrier Bracket is 1/4”.

  • Sizes: 8" to 20" (Support measurement, plate will be 4" longer for mounting area)
  • Finishes: Stainless Steel
  • Material Thickness: 0.25"
  • Holes: 2 or 3 - 0.26" Countersunk Holes (Determined by SKU)
  • Carry Capacity: 500 Pounds Each
  • Fasteners Not Included


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