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Maidan Vanity Supports

The Maidan vanity support bracket is a wall hung vanity support that provides essential carrying strength with a small front profile, easily hidden with an apron. The Maidan can also be hidden inside a base cabinet to create a floating vanity. The 18" arms and 22" width will support a 24" base cabinet and counter no deeper than 22". Additional Maidan brackets should be used for wider vanities. Mounting slots make installing into studs a snap!

Vanity Supports will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) when installed per the requirements of the Accessibility Guidelines, Section 606 Sinks, of the Act.

Product Overview:

  • Sizes: 18x22
  • Finishes:  Stainless Steel, Black
  • Material Thickness: 1/4"
  • Holes:  15 - 1/4" Slots
  • Screws Not Included
  • Carry Capacity: 200 Pounds
  • ADA Compatible

Watch Our Video On: Installing Maidan Vanity Support

Recommended Installation Kit: Standard Installation System Sku 39972

Federal Brace recommends using a vanity support that extends within 4" of the front edge of the vanity. Excessive overhang may cause significant force in a point load situation. Maximum load carrying capacity on vanity support brackets is 200 lbs. with 1/32 deflection.

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