Sutherland Bench Bracket



The Sutherland Bench Bracket by Federal Brace is an angle bracket with a low profile gusset providing additional support while remaining virtually invisible under the bench. For use indoors and outdoors, the Sutherland bench support can be installed over the tile with the proper tools or tiled around if installed prior to tile work. Select the size that is within 4" of the depth of your bench for maximum support. Space the 10" and 14" brackets no greater than 30" apart in your installation and into studs for a 375 to 500 pound carry capacity depending on cantilever. Space the 16" brackets no greater than 18" apart in your installation and into studs for a 375 pound carry capacity.

Our Sutherland Bench Support Brackets provide superior support in a clean, aesthetic look. The inwardly sloped gusset gives the bracket strength to support nearly any application while giving it a sleek look. The Sutherland Bench Support is made of 1⁄4” Steel or Stainless Steel.

This Stainless Steel Bracket is perfect to support your bathroom bench, as stainless steel is highly corrosion and rust resistant. Not exactly what you are needing to complete your project? Our Georgian Wall Mounted Bench Support is similar, but has pre-fabricated holes on the top of the bracket. 

  • Sizes: 10x5, 14x7 and 16x8
  • Finishes: Stainless Steel
  • Material Thickness: 0.25"
  • Holes: 4 or 6 - 0.26" Countersunk Holes (Determined by SKU)
  • Carry Capacity: 10" and 14" 500 Pounds Each (30" Spacing) - 16" 375 Pounds Each (18" Spacing)
  • Fasteners Not Included
  • What's in the Box: 1 Sutherland Bench Bracket, recommended fastener kit: 39988


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