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Harmony Countertop Support Brackets

The Harmony Hidden Countertop support bracket is a hidden countertop support designed specifically for an island with base cabinets.  Installed on 1x2 strips across the top of the cabinet, the Harmony Hidden Support is available in one size and positioned forward or back depending on support required.  Strong support for granite, quartz, marble or other stone countertops from 8" to 24". The Harmony hidden countertop bracket is available with a right or left side mounting flange to avoid interference with drawer slides.

*Our Harmony Brackets are listed as Right and Left, referring to flange side of bracket.   Right or Left when looking from the opposite end of the bracket.

Product Overview:
  • Sizes - 24"
  • Finishes - Black
  • Material Thickness - 1/4"
  • Holes - 2 - 1" Slots
  • Screws Not Included
  • Carry Capacity - 375 pounds
  • Sold as a Single Unit or as a 3 Pack Unit

Watch Our Video On:  Harmony Invisible Countertop Support
Recommended Installation Kit - Standard Fastener System Sku 39972

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